CS Chick

Name: Kristina

Location: Various

About Me: (slightly outdated) I graduated recently from NYU with a double major in math & computer science.

Abilities: art, science/geek stuff, girly stuff.  As I see it, my ability to earn money off my brain is going to increase with time.  My ability to make money off my body is going to decrease with time.  Therefore, my goal is to become a part-time stripper, or maybe dominatrix.  Maybe both.  That way, my income will be maximized my whole life.  Because I’m a geek, you get this in equation form.  For my 20’s, say:

Brain income: Sum of (x*10,000) for x=1 to 10

Booty income: Sum of (100,000 – x*10,000) for x=1 to 10

Total Sum: (x=1 to 10)   (x*10,000) + (100,000 – x*10,000)

(drumroll please)

= $1,000,000

= RETIREMENT @ 32!!!

Or at least theoretically.  I’ll keep you posted.


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